OCTOBER 3, 2022


The Team of CSI Development is delighted to bring you Stuck Between A Hack!.

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Stuck Between Hacks is one of the biggest hackathon in madhya pradesh region . Come and enjoy the hackathon with us with a lot of swags like tshirts,badges and much more. .

Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology,Guna

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Event Schedule

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Core Team

Spandan Saxena
Hackathon Director.

Sanyam Jain
Hackathon Lead

Aanjaney Mishra
Head of Design and Development

Prince Rajpoot
Head of Communication

Hardik Sharma
Head of Hacker Experience

Hrishikesh Bhatt
Head of logistics

Pritam Singh
Head of public Dealing

Himanshu Mahto
Head of technical decisons

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stuck between hacks?

Stuck Between Hacks is a Hackathon-an Innovation Marathon where students come together to work on groundbreaking projects. Team up with up to 3 of your friends and create anything you can dream of!

Do I need to know how to code to participate?

Stuck Between Hacks welcomes people of all coding backgrounds—even if that means none at all! .Mentors will be there at the event to help you write your first line of code.

What for me?

Participation certificate and much much much....Our website manager couldn't fit it in! Phew!

What should I bring to the event?

Nothing. Our event is online, you can participate from your desk :)

Is there a code of conduct?

Yes, Please follow all school rules and be respectful to all participants. Feel free to read our code of conduct here.

What’s the cost for attending it?

Absolutely nothing! It doesn't costs anything for attending Stuck Between Hacks thanks to the generous contributions from our sponsors.

Who is eligible to participate?

Students from all years of JUET are encouraged to apply to stuck between hacks!

How many people will be at the event?

We're expecting over 500 students to come together and work on their dream project.

Still have something that we didn't mention here? Shoot us with email here.

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